NE-TF1 Documents

NE-TF1 Manuals, Plans & Guides

Administrative Manual 

Call-Out Instruction Guide

Deployment Support Manual

       Mobilization Guide

         LF&R Support Staff Guide

         Canine Guide

         En-Route Guide

         BoO Guides 

         Operational Guide

         Demobilization Guide

Family Support Unit Communications Guide

Logistics Manual

Strategic Plan

Worker's Compensation Manual

NE-TF1 Management Policies

MP 1000.00 Urban Search and Rescue Program

MP 1000.01 NE-TF1 Application Process

MP 1000.02 Personal Bag Requirements

MP 1000.03 Response of Personnel

MP 1000.04 Member Separation

MP 1000.05 Controlled Substance Use

MP 1000.06 Voluntary Insurance Benefits

MP 1000.07 Secondary Trng and/or Transfer Request

MP 1000.08  Managing MOA's

MP 1000.09 Travel Expense Reimbursement

MP 1000.10 Utility Vehicle Operations & Maint.

MP 1000.11 Monthly Rostering Process

MP 1000.12 Compensated vs Uncompensated

MP 1000.13 Personal Cell Phone Use

MP 1000.14 Communications to Home (Deployment)

MP 1000.15 Tire Inspection and Replacement

MP 1000.16 Member Status Levels

MP 1000.17 Task Force Manager Applications

MP 1000.18 Task Force Leader Appointments

MP 1000.21 Request To Attend (RTA) Form

MP 1000.23 Code of Conduct

MP 1000.24 Personnel Compensation

MP 1000.25 Lic. and App. Requirements (Vehicles)

MP 1000.26 Task Force Member Travel

MP 1000.27 Credit Card Use and Guidelines

MP 1000.32 Camera Use

MP 1000.33 Retiree Continuations

MP 1000.34 US&R MSC Area Lock Up

MP 1000.35 FEMA Credentialing

MP 1000.37 HazMat Device Maint, Calibration, Testing 

MP 1000.38 Member Physicals

MP 1000.39 Wireless Network Access

MP 1000.40 Use of Electronic Communication Devices

MP 1000.41 Guidelines for Electronic Communication

FEMA/Federal Documents

FEMA Strategic Plan

FEMA System Operations Manual 12-001

FEMA Training Program Admin Manual (TPAM)

Program Directives

General Memorandums

2019-2025 Rotation Models


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Response is a US&R system website that contains additional program manuals and forms.

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