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NE-TF1 has five primary movers and five small fleet vehicles to transport all of our equipment and to support operations.  We have three tractor trailers, two box trucks, two suburban's, two 3/4 ton pick-ups, and one 1 ton pick-up.  In addition, we have two all terrain vehicles and six boats for water rescue operations.  The task force has approximately 80,000 lbs. of equipment that is valued at approximately eight million dollars.  


We haul our own forklift to assist with offloading and loading of the equipment.  Team members are generally transported to the disaster site by contracted bus or by airplane.  Our logistic personnel have commercial drivers license's in order to drive the equipment to the disaster site.  All of our equipment, including our trucks, gators, and boats are certified to be transported by airplane if needed.  When our team is activated we have a four hour window to prepare the team for departure and leave our point of assembly.  We have a six hour window to leave our point of assembly if we are flying to the disaster site.


During a deployment the logistic division consists of six people (two managers and four logistic specialist) with an additional 10 ground support personnel assigned to this division.  The task force is equipped to be self sufficient for up to 72 hours of operation.  Once NE-TF1 arrives at a disaster site a base of operations is established which includes shelter for team members.  The Logistic Division supports the mission by providing equipment, food, shelter, latrine, and bathing for team members.  We have the ability to deploy as a whole 80 person team or as a mission ready package i.e. water rescue component or hazardous materials component only. 

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