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Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Question:  What does it take to be a NE-TF1 member?


Answer: Training requirements are intensive. Each task force member must complete hundreds of hours of training. Specialties such as canine search, rescue, and rigging carry their own training requirements.​ Training to perform Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) is hazardous and should only be undertaken by competent individuals under the supervision of instructors skilled in the various functional disciplines involved.  

2. Question:  Can I apply to join the task force?



- If you are employed by Lincoln Fire & Rescue and are off probationary status you are eligible to apply.

- If you are employed by any of our participating agencies you are eligible to apply.

- If you are a licensed Structural Engineer with at least 5 years experience you are eligible to apply.

- If you have a specialty skill relating to Communications, Plans, Logistics, or you are interested in becoming a K9 handler, you are eligible to apply.

-Click here for information on the application process.

3. Question:  What are type I, Type II, Type III and Type IV teams?


Answer:  Please reference the FEMA Resource Typing document 

4. Question:  How is the task force deployed?   Who requests you?


Answer:  Profile of A Response

5. Question:  Are training sessions open to the public?


Answer:  Not at this time.  We are only allowed to use federal cooperative agreement funds to train current FEMA US&R members.  Since we are not an L.L.C. we are not able to charge or receive "tuition" or registration fees in order to accommodate non-members.

6.  Question:  Where can I learn more information about the Federal Urban Search & Rescue Program?

Answer:  Check out the official FEMA website. Urban Search & Rescue


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