NE-TF1 is NOT currently accepting applications. 

Check back periodically.

Application Procedure:

Step 1: Review the Letter to Applicants.


Step 2: Review the FEMA Position Description for the position for which you wish to apply:  ​POSITION DESCRIPTIONS  (Refer to Table of Contents for page numbers)

You DO NOT need to have completed all of the training in the position description in order to submit an application!

(training opportunities will be provided to accepted applicants)

Step 3:  Complete Federal Form 612   (Once complete, print and sign)  

Step 4:  Complete the​ following administrative documents. 


Step 5:  Complete the​ following online training if you have not already.  These courses are available online and can be completed by clicking the links.  Each may take between 2 - 4 hours to complete. You will be emailed a link  to print your certificate, usually within 24 hours of completing the course. 

Step 6: Scan/Upload copies of the following documents to include with your application:

Applications that do not include required documents will not be considered.

  • Completed Federal Form 612 - Required

  • Completed Employee Transmittal - Required

  • Completed W-9 - Required

  • Signed and Dated Code of Conduct - Required

  • Certificates of completion for ICS 100,200,700,800, and AWR-160W - Required

  • Personal Resume - Required

  • A copy of your drivers license (and DOT card if applicable)

  • A copy of your passport (if you currently have one, not required)

  • Copies of any current professional licenses/Certifications (MD, RN, Engineer, EMT-P, EMT-B, CPR, First Aid, Hydraulics, Hoisting, etc.)​

  • STS Exp. form (Only required if applying as a Structural Engineer)

  • Copies of any additional training certificates you would like us to consider


While you are not required to have completed all of the training listed  in the position description in order to submit an application, you should include with your application: any position specific training certificates that you have, and any additional certificates that you feel qualify you for the specific position you are applying for.

( NE-TF1 will provide training opportunities to accepted applicants to fulfill position requirements)

Step 7:  Click on the button below and complete and submit your application electronically. At the end of the application you will be able to upload  the documents listed above, along with any additional training certificates that you would like us to consider. We recommend you scan all of your attachments prior to filling out the application.  Your forms and certificates can be scanned together and attached as one document or they can be scanned and attached as individual documents. 

Once all application have been reviewed accepted applicants will be notified.



Click HERE if you have any technical difficulties submitting your application electronically.

Thank you for your interest in joining NE-TF1

Link will only be active when we are accepting applications