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Applications for NE-TF1 is currently: OPEN

Application Announcement: 2023 NE-TF1 Application Announcement

Application Procedure:

Step 1: Review NE-TF1 Policy on compensation vs non compensation for trainings & deployments


Step 2: Review the FEMA Position Description for the position for which you wish to apply:  ​POSITION DESCRIPTIONS  (Refer to Table of Contents for page numbers)

****Refer to Current Announcement for open positions

Step 3: Complete the recruitment application website - THIS IS REQUIRED !!! Click on the link to visit the applicant website that allows access to upload mandatory certifications, licenses & documents.





Step 4: You should upload any training certifications & additional documents that you would like NETF1 to consider

Review the additional list of training certifications HERE

Upload additional certifications and any additional documents HERE


NE-TF1 will provide training opportunities to accepted applicants to fulfill position requirements

 Click HERE if you have any technical difficulties submitting your application electronically.

Thank you for your interest in joining NE-TF1

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