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Capable of round the clock search and rescue operations     

(two - 12 hour shifts.)


Search options include:  Physical, Canine, Acoustic, Seismic, Video, & Fiber-optic


Rescue operations in various types of structures:

Wood/steel frame, Un-reinforced masonry, Reinforced concrete


Sophisticated medical treatment capabilities limited to:   Entrapped victims & Task force members


Technical support capabilities for task force operations: Structural integrity assessment, Hazardous materials assessment,  Liaison with heavy equipment/crane operators


Communications capability:

Land based cellular phone

Satellite cellular phone

Land line phone system

Independent portable radio communication system

Portable base stations

Portable repeaters

Aircraft radio communications


Operating in a Contaminated Environment:   

NBC Monitoring/Sampling Equipment,

Search & Recon in a Contaminated Environment, 

Rescue Operations in a Contaminated Environment, &


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