USR PD 2020-020   COVID 19 USR Fwd Plan-Phase Two

USR PD 2020-019   OPs Man-Annex E-PDs (Dec 2020)

USR PD 2020-018   TC Zeta Response Post-Mission Med & Vet Screening

USR PD 2020-017   DHS-FEMA Branding Guidance.pdf

USR PD 2020-016   NIMS Type 4 US&R Task Force-Water Capable

USR PD 2020-015   TC Delta Resp Post-Mission Med & Vet Screening.pdf

USR PD 2020-014   Suppl. Funding Award Notification.pdf

USR PD 2020-013   FY19 Supl Award with FY20 Funding.pdf

USR PD 2020-012   FY18 Supplemental Funding-Update.pdf

USR PD 2020-011   OR Wildfire Resp Post-MissionMed-Vet Scrng.pdf

USR PD 2020-010   TC Sally Resp-Mission Med-Vet Scrng.pdf

USR PD 2020-009   TC's Marco & Laura Resp.Pst-Mission Med-Vet Scrng

USR PD 2020-008   Written Comm Types.pdf

USR PD 2020-007   2020 FEMA Apprv'd Equip Cache List.pdf

USR PD 2020-006   US&R Ops Man Annex G-CSTCE Hndbk

USR PD 2020-005   NOFO-Amendment.pdf

USR PD 2020-004   TPAM (Jan.2020).pdf

USR PD 2020-003   Ops Man-Annex E-PDs (Jan 2020).pdf

USR PD 2020-002   Ops Man-Annex F-Safety (Jan 2020).pdf

USR PD 2020-001   2019 TF Readiness Self-evaluation.pdf

USR PD 2019-010   Tire Care and Replacement Policy.pdf

USR PD 2019-009   Annual FEMA Radio Frequency Request

USR PD 2019-008  Clarification on Period of Performance Requirements.pdf

USR PD  2019        PD Master List 09-30-19.pdf

USR PD 2019-007   USR CA Closeout Instructions Final.pdf

USR PD 2019-006   FY18 Supplemental CA Awards.pdf

USR PD 2019-005   Supplemental Award with FY2019 Funding.pdf

USR PD 2019-004   Guidance for 2017 CA Funding-Search Data Coll Devices

USR PD 2019-003   Ops Man-Annex D-CONOP-MRP (May2019). pdf; Ops                                      Annex D-CONOP-MRPs (May2019).pdf

USR PD 2019-002  2019 FEMA Appv'd Equip Cache Lists.pdf

USR PD 2019-001  Gas Pwrd Equip Strg.pdf

USR PD 2018-016   2018 TF Readiness Self-Evaluation

USR PD 2018-015   Annual FEMA Radio Frequency Request

USR PD 2018-014   Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

USR PD 2018-013   Hurricane Michael Resp. Post Mission Vet 

USR PD 2018-012   Guidance for Spending Supplemental Funding

USR PD 2018-011   FY17 Supplemental CA Award

USR PD 2018-010   Hurricane Florence Reimb. Vet Exp CA-2 Form

USR PD 2018-009   (Rev) Supplemental Award with FY18

USR PD 2018-008   Motorola WAVE Comm Req

USR PD 2018-007   2018 FEMA Appvd IST-HEPP Cache List

USR PD 2018-006   US&R Code of Conduct

USR PD 2018-005   (Revised) 2017 Equip Cache List

USR PD 2018-004   Blanket Extension FY15

USR PD 2018-003   Cache Movement Plan

USR PD 2018-002   Ops Manual Annex E

USR PD 2018-001   2017 Readiness Self Evals

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